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Heritage tree of the dutch families Jut, Noorlander, Van Omme, Koolen.

In total more than 80.000+ persons and more than 32.000+ families.

An UDL file for working with templates in Aldfaer heritage program.

A user defined language file for use with Notepad++, as an alternative to the somewhat older Crimson editor included with Aldfaer. Note: in the latest versions of Aldfaer this is now included as a bonus report.

Volume normalization of audio mp3 files.

Have investigated different methods of volume normalization for mp3 songs, different software tools and players.

ID3v2 tag manipulation utility for mp3 files.

A self made small utility to check the consistency of mp3 file naming and to manipulate ID3v2.3 tags. It can do some things not available within (free) software found elsewhere. For instance, delete unwanted ID3v2.3 tags, mass rename lyrics language, create ID3v2 tag dependent play-lists.

EXCEL tips and tricks

Things I have learned and discovered during working and programming in EXCEL VBA

Several arduino projects, oa weatherstation and wall clock.

Explanation of my arduino projects around an ESP8266 and ESP32 controller.

Website design

Explanation and exploration of the structure design for this website. Adding a dual language to the site. Explanation of javascript code for language control. PHP contact page.